Some activities that mankind undertakes are, or should be, above petty machinations and intrigue. Sport is one of the only areas of human endeavour that cuts across all sections of society and transcends geographical boundaries. Various sports bring joy unparalleled to young and old, rich and poor, powerful and powerless. Sports help player and spectator, connoisseur and layman, athlete and couch-potato, to overcome ennui, banish troubles, and partake in the sheer joy of sport!
Then why does the terrorist seek to put to peril sportsmen who, by their sheer skill and energy, provide such inspiration and entertainment to millions? There is nothing or no one that is safe from terrorism today, but why target sportsmen? Has the terrorist not ever enjoyed a game in his life? Any game? 

The common man and his family is a sitting duck for terrorists across the world. On the other hand, the international sportsman is, in a way, privileged to be shielded, more often than not, by “tight” security. Yet, international sportsmen may become favourite targets for perpetrators of terror a cause their celebrity status. 

Who wins if terrorists enter the sporting arena? No one, except the terrorist. But does he really? He may have succeeded in drawing international attention to his nefarious activities, and in scaring off players, teams and spectators, but has he crushed the spirit of the sportsman and the sports-lover? He has not!
Sportsmen and fans all over the world must defeat the designs of these destructive forces, by refusing to cower! Only then will sports be spared by these gun-totters. Even they would perhaps then be forced to marvel at the resilience and grit of the sportsman and sportswoman who plays on, despite all odds.