Starring Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan 3-idiots-movie-website-launchedand Kareena Kapoor

‘3 Idiots’ is a film with a message. It is also an out-and-out entertainer, though in a frenzied sort of way. Plus, it has the chutzpah to challenge norms and throw caution to the wind.

3 Idiots is a brazen, rash, and even naughty take on the parental practice of forcing their kids to take up careers that they are not cut out for. Aamir Khan and gang succeed in no uncertain terms in cocking-a-snook at the older generation and in doing their own thing.

The escapades of the three dare-devils and their drive to change the system are truly fun to watch with plenty of laughs thrown in. Sharman Joshi and Madhavan are brilliant foils to Aamir and the result is an indefatigable team that is tough to contain.

Even the impressive but eccentric Viru Sahasrabuddhe (nicknamed Virus and played magnificently by Boman Irani) has to admit defeat at the hands of the student ring-leader, Rannchhod Das Chhanchar, played by Khan.

But Irani’s is a memorable role and the oddities of Virus would long be remembered. Khan and Irani are the real stars of the film, though Joshi, Madhavan and Kareena Kapoor are full of zing too. The Direction is slick and the dialogues are compelling.


Where the film slips is when its slip starts showing! Too much footage inside toilets and some cheap translation-related and underwear-related jokes spoil the show somewhat. Also, the mocking of the lower-middle class family and even the physically-paralysed is in poor taste.

But then ‘3 Idiots’ is that kind of film. It is in your face, direct and brash…there is not much time to pause and reflect. So just buy your ticket and hop-on, you cannot afford to think or blink!

4 thoughts on “3 Idiots ****”

  1. One thing that did not get the attention of many viewers is the fact that, many of the names of characters were very funny and different- chanchad, vangdu, chatur, swastabudhi,Istavan etc…..Wonderful though

  2. The film has also touched the realty of parents, sacrificing their everything to give the life to their wards. Expectations are not bad and are the right of every parent. Every father and even mother dreams for a career of his/her child, of course it should not be forced. And the film also gives the direction and courage to connivence the elders with due regards and confidence. Really a movie with bunch of good teachings with lessons of responsibilities.

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