Directed by James Cameron; Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe avatar-postersSaldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez

This much-awaited film is a never-before-seen Hollywood high-tech thrill-a-minute roller-coaster flick that combines space-ships, bows-and-arrows, dream-like-situations and some very exotic species with romance, action, drama and war-like-situations.

Consider the facts-

1.     The Technology used and the 3 Dimensional effects are superb and state-of-the art.

2.     The viewer is repeatedly and magically transported into the dream-world of Na’vi, much like Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) frequently is.

3.     There is enough sci-fi excitement to keep one constantly on the edge of the seat.

4.     The intense romance, between the Human-Avatar, Jake Sully, and the svelte Na’vi heiress, Neytri (Zoe Saldana), is rather electric, despite being multimedia-enabled.

5.     There is even a strong message for environment protection thrown in.

Some films are landmarks in themselves, and AVATAR, despite displaying a few flaws, is definitely one such.

For almost three hours, one is utterly zapped…The trouble is, that towards the end one also feels trapped! The film should have been 30 minutes shorter. Also, some of the idiotic dialogues that the bad-men keep mouthing are not worthy of a quality global-level release.

However, all in all, this is cinema at its momentous best. It is once again time to celebrate the genius of James Cameron and to relish the fascination and entertainment that such movies bring to us and to our families!