New York


Directed by: Kabir Khan
Cast: John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Mukesh

 ‘New York’ is a film that holds one’s interest from beginning till end, but turns out to be a bit too stark for a Bollywood entertainer. Kabir Khan displays shades of brilliance in his direction, as he had done earlier with Kabul Express.

John Abraham has matured into an actor who knows his style, is comfortable with it, and goes about playing one role after another with utmost ease. In ‘New York’ he transforms himself effortlessly from the family man to the ruthless terrorist. Katrina Kaif has a worried look on her face for the most part, and appears convincing too.

 Irfan Khan looks as if he has been an Indian born FBI agent all his life. At no stage does he appear to be enacting a role in a film, so perfect is his portrayal.

The surprise package is Neil Nitin Mukesh, who brings in a certain amount of effervescence to a film that is essentially a serious take on the aftermath of 9/11. He even sings a line from an old song of his legendary grand father’s collection. Neil not only looks the part on the big stage but also shows signs here of becoming a force to reckon with in Hindi films in the years to come.

 New York is as authentic and realistic as a Bollywood film can be without being labeled as an “Art film”. The humour is sparse and the fun is almost missing, but coming as it does after a huge void in the calendar of film releases, it is drawing in the audiences in large numbers. 

3 thoughts on “Film Review – New York ***”

  1. Dear Vivek Ji

    Congratulations for your website. This must be another face of Vivek. Vivek as a writer.

    Your views are perfectly in tune with the film. This film is not meant for an avergae person but it enforces a person to think and also analyse beyond ourself.



  2. Hi Vivek,

    I just saw this movie. I thought it was absolutely SUPERB! No US film-maker has been able yet to state the obvious, which this film does with aplomb.

    Something to be proud of.


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