Starring Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler and Eric Winteruglytruth_poster2

Here’s a film that breezes along at a peppy and witty level to leave you wanting more at the end.

 Frothy and bubbly throughout, TUT begins with a flourish and doesn’t slacken until the very last scene (which, by the way, is the only let down).

 Katherine Heigl (the TV Producer who is a control-freak) and Gerard Butler (the naughty TV Anchor) are in prime form. Their chemistry is sizzling and their performances superb. While Butler goes about his business with effortless aplomb, Heigl is pretty and effervescent while displaying impressive acting skills too. Eric Winter plays the part of the also-ran to perfection.

 The jokes are naughty and even crass at times yet the film does not stoop to conquer like many others do nowadays. A few scenes like the one when Butler debuts on Heigl’s prime time show really bring the house down.

 In short, there’s nothing ugly about The Ugly Truth and only the prudes (and the kids) need avoid it!