Directed by Punit Malhotra; Produced by Karan Johar; Starring Imran Khan, Sonam KapoorM_Id_160679_I_Hate_Luv_storys

 For those who like feel-good films and lovey-dovey stuff, ‘I hate luv storys’ is surely worth a watch. This Rom-Com from the house of Karan Johar is an unabashed love story without any frills, in the traditional mode but with a modern setting and with still-fresh faces. There’s the tried and tested triangle and there are heartbreaks and setbacks before the predictable happy ending.

So what’s appealing about the film? Imran Khan is an actor in Uncle Amir Khan’s mould but is even better looking and is effervescent. His spontaneity is delightful at times and his expressions are refreshingly different. He carries a story that has nothing new to offer with ease and panache.

His pairing with Sonam Kapoor is like a breath of fresh air too, and both characters appear convincing in their love for each other. They quarrel and shout; they ooh and ahh; they look and long- like young lovers from decades gone by- and that is what endears them to us.

Imran especially is an actor with immense potential. His performance in ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ had shown us glimpses of his impromptu style and here he goes one better. Sonam looks svelte and is graceful and charming. She’s improving as an actor too but has a long way to go before she reaches dad Anil Kapoor’s levels.

The music is pleasant without being outstanding and the support cast is adequate with veteran Anju Mahendru impressing in a brief role. The hero’s sidekick, played by Aamir Ali, is quite funny and Ali has potential. Imran’s director-boss and Sonam’s fiancé are less convincing. Perhaps a more formidable rival for Imran would have led to more drama, but then that would not have gelled with the tenor of the film.

The last quarter is a bit contrived and a drag at times. Bruna Abdullah’s scenes are amateurish and even kiddish.

All in all, a candy-floss sort of film with a goody-goody feel. For those who like to be shaken up by cinema, this is not for them.

Personally speaking, I don’t hate love stories. (Please note the correct spellings).