Starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Viveik Oberoi, Om Puri, Kirron kurbaan-03Kher, Diya Mirza

This film is well made but is so violent and gory that its review can only be written in BULLETS…

  • The film– Very intense, technically superb, well directed…but too depressing and bloody for a main-stream release.
  • The story– Unique in many ways and innovative but, again, very dark and defeatist in its approach.
  • The acting– Par excellence, with Khan, Oberoi, Puri and Kher being outstanding. Kapoor also does a good job.
  •  Saif Ali Khan– Looks a bit older, but underplays his role to perfection. Is highly convincing as the good-bad guy who is passionate and cold blooded at the same time.
  • Kareena Kapoor– Looks pretty in the first 20 minutes, and extremely scared in the remaining parts. Has an emaciated look that can only be classified as size minus-1! Has improved her acting skills appreciably.
  • Viveik Oberoi- Impresses in a difficult role but lacks the screen presence to make an everlasting impression. Plays the role of a journalist whose life is turned upside down by events with some finesse.
  • Om Puri and Kirron Kher- Veterans who only get better with every film, they look as if they’ve been playing senior-terrorists all their lives…
  • The violence- Realistic and repulsive. The sight of brains being blown out or of a sewing needle being used to stitch up an injured hero is not everyone’s cup-of-tea. How one longs for the tomato-ketchup days, when the blood did not seem real at all!