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Wonders never cease! Amitabh Bachchan actually out-does himself, an almost impossible achievement given his magnificent record, in this rare film about a young boy who suffers from Progeria.

Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan, both able actors especially the latter, appear as mere props to AB who plays Auro, a 12-year-old going-on-13, but who looks like an 80 year old and more.

In the months ahead, Auro’s character may become quite a cult figure; so unique and so amazingly different is his character, from anything ever seen on celluloid.

Bachchan’s artistry is evident in everything that Auro does, despite several layers of make-up. His eyes are extremely expressive, and even though his voice is very different from his usual baritone, each of his mannerisms and expressions is a joy to watch.

The comedy and the wit are outstanding too, with Auro taking leg-pulling to levels hitherto unheard of in Hindi cinema. He spares no one, not even his Grandmother, whom he addresses as ‘Bum’!

The direction is slick and the pace just right. The scenes are very believable with Auro’s escapades with his school chums being particularly delightful. The exception is the bout of media-bashing that AB Junior indulges in. The ‘potty’ jokes are a bit overdone too, but the film does not slip from its lofty standards at any other moment as it unfurls Auro’s touching story.

Indeed, this ability to relate a sad story so effectively and yet to leave the audience smiling throughout is where Paa scores over any other film before it.

3 thoughts on “Paa…Wah! ****1/2”

  1. The movie is awesome….I think the review is so apt and so nicely written, and would surely take many to the nearest multiplexes to view the best movie of the year!

  2. Thanks Amit…I do agree about Paa…a very touching subject dealt with in a very nice way…the film does not make one feel depressed, but is rather very light and frothy…

  3. I’ve been considering it too. But I’d need a wig first so you kids don’t want to make an omtletee on my bald palate. Sounds awesome to me. The timing is kinda wrong. Most kids have exams now. But plan it out and I’m in. Last time I planned it, things happened and blah blah. Email me and let’s talk there.

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