Mirza Ghalib’s views on those who do not relish mangoes are so well known that there is not much to be gained from reproducing them here, except perhaps the annoyance of that miniscule minority that is not afflicted by Mango Mania. Suffice it to say that come summer, most of us are compelled by a strong urge to dig into basket loads of the delicacy at every possible opportunity. This universal craze for the king of fruits has translated into a variety of incidents that I have been witness to over the years.

My mother would regale family and friends with tales of how I as a toddler who could barely walk often used to be found under the dining table having finished off an entire Dusshehri with the ‘guthli’ quite miraculously still inside the peel. Not much has changed today, and I still love Dusshehris, but I’m even crazier about Chausas and I simply go mad when I spot a Langra, especially if it is just the right colour.

Having thus devoured thousands of mangoes over the years I have always professed myself to be a blue-blooded expert on the subject. It is not often that I can be outsmarted when it comes to recognizing the correct breed or selecting just the right piece from the fruit seller’s pile. Perhaps part of my training came from hearing endless debates between my late parents on their favourite variety. My mother was always a Langra fan but my father always insisted that the Dusshehri was not at all an ‘aam’ it was ‘khaas’! My father also used to speak of the time when as a University student he and his friends would consume five kilos of mangoes, each!

Then there are those who have no idea about the intricacies of the subject and simply concentrate on polishing off as many pieces as possible as soon as they are unveiled. My wife is one of them. She used to insist before we got married, that the best mangoes are the little ones which have no name but which simply are termed as “Chupne Vaale Aam’. Once she became a part of our family her general awareness on the subject increased rapidly and today she is almost as clued up about these divine delights as I am.

Some mango lovers complain that the fruit makes them put on weight, that it soils their clothes and that it causes pimples and stomach upsets and thus they end up actually denying themselves. Others simply swoop upon pile after pile during the season and worry about cosmetic matters and fitness issues after it is over. Somehow a carefree attitude becomes a true mango fan. What after all is the point of living a life if it is to be lived sans mangoes?






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  1. Dear Jiju,

    First of all let me congratulate you on your own website. I have have read some of your reviews on your website and i can simply say that you are fabulous. I was always aware that you write articles and reviews for certain newspapers, however I was not able to get my hands on all of them. But now it would be very much gettable.

    It is a well known fact that you are a keen observer of cricket, however your reviews on various other topics like moveis, mangoes etc. also makes you an excellent critic who has “Good Judgement” and I can surely say that you are not only living upto the meaning of your name but Exceeding it.

    As you have always proved ‘them’ wrong with your deeds, this time by showcasing your deep knowledege of diversified fields you have proved a famous proverb wrong which says “jack of all trades, master of none” by proving yourself as……. ” Master of all trades, jack of none”

    Best Regards,

    Saurabh Sood

  2. Vivek, your writing style is so good that it reminds me of khushwant Singh…its amazing how you can write on such a simple subject and still be very classy .

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