Life is not about marks, it’s about making a mark. We are here in the battle of life, to find happiness not only success. So let’s talk about life for a minute.

Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Walt Disney, not great students as far as I know, did not get too many marks. Are they Successful? Super successful! Their success was linked to their creative abilitiy. There are times in life when things go wrong, the ups and downs of life happen. These ups and downs of life are going to come to every single human being. There is no human being whose life is totally smooth.

There’s no human being whose suffered at times, who has not had problems at times. Life is about the bigger picture afterall, it’s not about one exam, one stage of life. There are many stages of life. Let us not keep on cribbing, there are the cribbers who are cynical, critical, negative. There are people like that around us in Society. Let’s not try to be like them. Let’s try to be like someone who is cheerful, positive despite the setbacks, despite the drawbacks one is able to hold one’s good.

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