Move on Bunny!


Here’s the link for the just released Kindle/I-Pad version of my book MOVE ON BUNNY! The uproarious escapades of Bunny Kapoor

Bunny Kapoor is a confident young man with a point to prove. Never a topper in his student days, he is determined to succeed in the real world.

Unfortunately for Bunny, he lands up in sticky situations along the way. Luckily, he also has the happy knack of wriggling out of each one. Bunny manages to smile when the chips are down, to score when it counts and to escape when necessary.

For one reason or the other, he does not stick to any one job, or to any one city. Most of his relationships are short-lived too. The moment Bunny feels that he’s on top of his game, that he’s annexed the desired territory and that he’s won all the accolades, he loses interest in the conquest at hand.

The challenge ends for him the moment he has it in his pocket. He chucks away previous trophies without flinching. Newer vistas beckon. He moves on. Ever on!

Bunny wins many hearts during his amazing journey and vanquishes several opponents. Does he, at last, rest on his laurels and settle down, or does he still crave for more? Bunny Kapoor is his own man, and no one can tell…

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