The world has been swept under by a virus which goes by multiple names. It is impossible to not feel heartbroken by the news of thousands having been killed in Italy, Spain, Iran, China and other countries. Heart-rending tales have emerged from all corners of the world and the virus shows little sign of wilting or loosening its grip. The world has effectively shut down for maintenance and most people are at home. In any case, we haven’t exactly covered ourselves with glory in the first twenty years of the still new millennium, and a heavenly reminder to slow down was bound to come in some form or other.There is also no escape from the barrage of information, skewed or authentic, which rains unstoppably at us from the world of Corona. The levels of “Corona consciousness” within us have escalated beyond all limits. Nothing has ever implanted itself so deeply in our collective mindsets as has this virus. It has crept up upon us stealthily, yet emphatically. We are currently enveloped by an invisible sheath of “Corona consciousness” which refuses to abate. The threat of the virus is tellingly real and no one in the world is immune to its impact. The only answer is precaution and prevention. Prayers and meditation have never been as obviously the need of the hour as they are now. Man usually resorts to prayer as a last option. Having exhausted all else, he turns ultimately and inevitably towards the Almighty and seeks divine intervention. How about making it one of the first options? Can we reorient the focus of our minds? At times like these when common human beings can do little else anyway, it is prudent send prayers and caring thoughts to those who are suffering. We can try to interiorise our consciousness and seek solace as well as calmness within.The power of prayer is not to be discussed with sceptics who think that it is mumbo-jumbo. Prayer is indeed a matter of personal conviction but at such moments in history it is time for mankind to speak openly about prayer as a panacea for its problems. No man can deny that at some point of his life when he was in the deepest pit of trouble he was rescued by fortuitous circumstances, which were actually created by the hand of God.The strength which comes from a mother’s intense prayers for her children, or a daughter’s for her parents, cannot be underestimated. Half hearted or formality laden prayers, which many of us indulge in, are probably not as effective! The power of positive thought has been documented extensively in respect of the lives of great achievers. That sense of belief and faith which such exceptional individuals have exhibited in their lives also included, sans doute, the element of prayer. And even if one is a non-believer in God’s existence, there must be some higher power on which each individual on this planet leans upon for succour in a time of crisis.Right now is the time to let the universe know that human beings can collectively create powerful vibrations of peace, joy and love through prayer and positivity. The impact of such global prayers can only be harmonious and peace-permeated. Even if the whole world cannot sit down at one point of time to pray as an ensemble, millions of ripples of our individual prayer-filled thoughts will resonate in the ether for a long time to come. “Most men consider the course of events as natural and inevitable. They little know what radical changes are possible through prayer”, said Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the Autobiography of a Yogi.Of course humanity follows several different faiths and we all have our own little ways of praying, but does it matter? What is important is that we turn inwards and seek the divine balm which we all need rather badly at this juncture of our journey.