Usain Bolt has not only re-defined the rules when it comes to competing at the highest levels in any sport, he has managed to actually achieve the kinds of results that were hitherto not even dreamt of.

In winning short sprints at the apex level by margins that could be considered as ‘miles’, and by coasting to victory in an almost cavalier devil-may-care style in race after race, he has infused the kind of excitement among sports lovers that only a Mohammed Ali, a Don Bradman, a Michael Phelps, a Tiger Woods, a Diego Maradona or a Bjorn Borg had managed to do before him.

Already, he speaks of wanting to become a legend, ‘and nothing else’! In fact, in many ways, his feats are even more astonishing than those of the glitterati mentioned above. He has taken just a few months to beat world records by margins that earlier took many decades to shave off. The World record in the 100 meters dash, stood at 9.95 seconds in 1968 and went down to 9.85 seconds only in 1994 whereas Bolt improved his own World record from 9.69  to 9.58 in a matter of exactly one year!

The skeptics would have waited for him to falter somehow or somewhere, a la Ben Johnson perhaps, but no such eventuality appears possible with Usain Bolt. He appears to love running more than anything else on the earth and it shows in the manner in which he raises his effort levels on the really big stage, like the Olympics or the World Championships. His humble origins and meteoric rise to the top of the world are already the stuff that legends are made of.

His accident a few weeks prior to the World Championship would have led many an athlete to withdraw from such a major event, (as top sportspersons across the world tend to do nowadays, at the slightest hint of injury!) but Bolt not only competed, he shone like a beacon and annexed all three titles, with two of them coming in World Record timings.

Michael Johnson, the former 200 metres great, had been quoted before the finals at Berlin last week, as having said that it may take years to beat the World Record in that distance by as huge a margin as Bolt had managed in the 100 metres sprint days earlier. He must have gaped even more than we did at the sheer horse power of Bolt, as he raced round the bend with amazing alacrity, while shattering the record so comprehensively!

Exactly what Bolt’s dazzling achievements would have done to inspire budding sports persons throughout the globe can only be a matter of conjecture at this stage. Suffice it to say that not only sportspersons but people from all walks of life would take heart from the performances of Mr Bolt, for he has proved inexorably, that there is no substitute for sheer grit and hard work if one wishes to reach the pinnacle. A little bit of talent and skill come in handy too!


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  1. USAIN BOLT is definetely a legend and unarguably the best athelte on face of the earth at present.
    At 23 this jamaican sprinter he has risen to the prominence where all the athletes asprire for…
    A big lesson to learn from Usain Bolt is that Early failures lead to bigger accomplishments….provided you dont stop digging your mine.
    His father had a grocery store & could never give him luxuries..he used to play cricket with no idea of his horse power….his coach suggested him to try himself on race tracks…he beacame synonymous with speed in Jamaica…but failed to even qualify at the world level event called IAAF World Youth Championships in 2001…but he never called it quits….he kept his bow & arrows on the bulls eye…& made a significant appearance in 2007 at Osaka… winning a silver & closing in near to likes of sprinters like Tyson Gay….But Bolt wanted more…& as rightly said ” Thoughts are things”….he announced that he’ll break the records in 100m event in summer olympics & 2008 Beijing Olympics….& we all know what happened afterwards….
    His feats nicknamed him “Lightning Bolt” and the “Bolt from the blue”…
    The message from above anecdote is clear that ” Success only comes to those who are success conscious ” …

    I thank Mr. Atray for saluting USAIN BOLT …..It refreshed me & made me think to reorganise my startegies for my goals….After all Success is counted sweetest why not chase some feats for ourselves as well !!!

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